We are a literary agency. We represent authors with Inspirational content, with a local, national, or international appeal. 


The company was founded by Lluvia Agustin. Lluvia Agustin has worked in the content industry for more than 20 years. During her career, Lluvia Agustin developed and managed sales departments, and managed major national and international accounts. Her extensive knowledge of the content market and her determination to connect authors to readers has been key in impacting the markets she has serviced.  The territories she has been responsible for include: Mexico, Spain, South and Central America, and the U.S.A.  The agency currently represents authors like Dr. Mark Dance, Janice Torres, Barbara Palacios and Dr. Cesar Vidal, Yasmin Teme and Major league legend, Manny Mota.

Our goal is to help authors through the development of their manuscript, so that it is relevant to the audience they are trying to reach. The international expertise is an important component in guiding the author, so that its message reaches other people groups and cultures around the world.