Why have a mission statement at work?

I wish I could say that every day at work is fun and exciting, but that is not always the case. If you land your dream job, enjoy what you do, and do everything right, even then there will be rainy days. Those rainy days may even become a season in life. What then? Should you quit? Should you move on to something else? Sometimes it is time to move on, but unless you are absolutely sure that is the case, assume it is not the right time to end things, rather just a rainy day or reason you are going through. Later, we will discuss how to determine when you should move on.   

Having a mission statement is important for two main reasons:

1.    A mission statement will remind you of thereason why youdo what you do.  

2.     A mission statement redirects your work when the distractions of life want to steer you away from your original intention.

When you don’t feel appreciated, your work is undermined, you’re not making the money you think you deserve or when things just don’t work as you wish they did, your “why” will become the reason for waking up in the morning, for smiling at customers, and for doing your work to the best of your ability. Your mission statement will be the fuel to keep you going.

There are times when you may be offered things that don’t fit within either your personal or business mission statement. There will also be times when opportunities you were not expecting land in your lap. Keeping an open mind is important, but there will also be times that what is being offered not only does not fit but is contrary to your mission. If that is the case, rethink your mission. If you decide to stay true to your mission, don’t take a project that will cause confusion in your brand, your team or yourself. if it doesn’t fit, one must go, either the new project or the mission. You chose!